Our founder made the choice to become vegan several years ago for the betterment of his health. While on this journey, he found that there was a limited selection of tasty vegan baked goods in his city. "It was difficult finding vegan products and once I did, taste and texture was definitely sacrificed. That inspired me to create something nutritious that would deliver a delicious experience to all vegan and non-vegan cookie lovers!" Our highest compliment is when customers say "I can't believe this is vegan!" We pride ourselves in offering cookies and cupcakes that taste and feel buttery.

At Major's, we take sourcing premium ingredients seriously. Our products are the best option because they taste better and offer more nutritional value. Every product of ours consumed, contributes to the betterment of our communities. Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Are any of your products gluten-free?


Are your products allergen free?

All of our products are nut-free, egg-free, & dairy-free.

What is the shelf life of your products?

All our products have an expiry date labelled on the packaging. Our cookies and cupcakes have a 14 day shelf life. Our cold pressed juices have a 5 day shelf life.

How big are your bottles of juice?

16oz, which is equivalent to 473ml.

Do you cater for events or large parties?

Yes. We offer wholesale/corporate rates for large group orders.

Are all of your juices cold pressed?

Yes. None of our juices are blended.

Do your juices have any added sugars or preservatives?


Why do your bags say "may contain traces of nuts" but your website states that your products are nut-free?

We currently do not have the official nut-free certification but we ensure that all of our products are produced in a nut-free facility. Our staff follow a strict policy in terms of being in contact with food or products that may contain nuts.

Are your juices pasteurized or unpasteurized?


Do any of your products contain gelatin?

No. All of our products do not contain any animal by-products.